Give a Kid a Chance is an Annual Fundraising Drive that began in 2017.  All items and monetary donations are for the benefit of the Northmen Den, the Harbor Hut and new for 2019 Lakeview Academy.  The Northmen Den and Harbor Hut are food pantries located at our local schools.  The Northmen Den is housed at both Petoskey Middle School and Petoskey High School.  The Harbor Hut is located at Harbor Springs Middle School.  In 2019 Lakeview Academy added a food pantry for the youth they serve.

The Northmen Den at Petoskey Middle School originated in November of 2016 and has since grown to Petoskey Highschool and Harbor Springs Middle School and Lakeview Academy.  Each of the Pantries are open Friday during lunch to give students the opportunity to "shop" for food for the weekend.  Many kids are shopping for their entire family.  Each student that walks into the pantry is offered food, school supplies and toiletries.  The food offered includes fresh produce including fruit and vegetables.  

All youth food pantries are staffed by volunteers.  All shopping that needs to be done for the pantries is also completed weekly as needed by volunteers.

In 2017 the cost to supply just one den for the school year was $20,000. For the 2019 school year we are estimating $50,000 in operating costs for the three local food pantries which now service hundreds of students.

Give a Kid a Chance was created to bring the needs of our older students to the communities attention, as well as raise funds, food, and supplies to keep both the Den's, the Hut and the pantry at Lakeview Academy in working order, as well as seek volunteers to keep both pantries adequately staffed.

If you would like to volunteer - please contact Kathy Petersen at 202-285-1392 or email her at kathy@kathypetersen.com.

If you would like to donate funds - please follow the donation link here, or mail a check to Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 1020 E. Mitchell St, Petoskey, MI  49770.  Checks can be made out to "Give A Kid A Chance".


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